ML 200 60 Cáps.

ML 200 60 Cáps.

ML 200 60 Cáps.

It helps regulating the biological clock and your sleep's quality.
It helps body to produce melatonin.

 Eliminates depression and regulates your blood pressure.



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How to use:

2 tablets before dinner

Melatonin - Short description:

In humans, melatonin has its main role in regulating sleep, ie, in a dark and quiet environment, melatonin levels in the body increase, causing sleep. So it is important to eliminate any source of environmental sound, light, smell, or heat, which may accelerate the metabolism and prevent sleep, even without realizing it. Another function attributed to the antioxidant melatonin is acting in the recovery of epithelial cells exposed to UV radiation and by the additional administration of aiding in the recovery of neurons affected by Alzheimer's disease and by episodes of ischaemia (such as resulting from stroke) as the add-on treatment for epilepsy