SAMURAI Balm 30ml

SAMURAI Balm 30ml

SAMURAI Balm 30ml

Used effectively in:

* Muscle aches* Decongestion of the airway

Joint pain

Back Pain
* Pain in shoulders
* Rheumatic pains
* Leg pain
* Injury

Organic silicon gel for local cutaneous application.

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Make a slight massage in your temples with the Balm SAMURAI.
You will quickly feel a relief.

Put very little balm, and you must avoid the nearby areas of the eyes. The oil is essential mint and you can feel that your eyes are "burning".


Muscle tension, joint's problems:

Massage with Balm.

The sensation of hot and cold will relax you and the anti-inflammatory properties of organic silicon contained in Balsam SAMURAI will do the rest.


A blow, a bruise, a fall, a high?

Massage immediately with Balm SAMURAI, it will save you!


Heavy legs?

Pass a stream of cold water in your legs, bottom-up, to stimulate circulation and then massage with the Balm SAMURAI.

Always start from the feet up to the top of the legs. Then, raise a little your legs to rest . Sensations of freshness, tonicity and wellness guaranteed.


How to use

Apply locally with massage.



The active ingredients of Balm Samurai ®:

Organic silicon is a trace element known for its regenerative power of collagen and helps joint flexibility and muscle relaxation.

Arnica is a plant whose flowers are macerated (dried) in water or oil to get the active ingredient. In Europe, where the plant grows abundantly, we know its medicinal properties since ancient times and is primarily used to treat wounds, sprains and swelling.

Camphor comes from camphor camphor which is extracted by distillation. It is particularly famous for its quality mat, and the list of medicinal properties that gives it is impressive, especially for bumps and bruises. It is also a respiratory stimulant.

Mint fields (Mentha arvensis) contains the famous menthol, local anesthetic used to relieve minor aches and pains such as cramps, migraines or sprains. Menthol also has a decongestant effect on the airways.